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After continually experiencing the difficulties of trying to find the perfect vacation rental, it was made apparent that #1 – there was little means of differentiation in the competing properties and #2 – the limited photos of the individual properties did not provide justice nor perspective of the layouts.  Justifying a potentially large amount of $$$ for a vacation rental property on the other side of the continent -or the world- is not an easy decision, especially when you don’t know what you are getting into. The founders of Proptomize saw this as a problem.

We have always appreciated traveling, culture and finding the blissful parts of life. With backgrounds in property management, Internet marketing, video production and the gift of gab, we have aligned our strengths to provide the necessary functions to improve rental property marketing.  We think of ourselves as trying to optimize property marketing–hence Proptomize.

The first condo video ever shot and produced took place in Keystone, Colorado. Next, the crew went abroad to shoot a series of vacation condos, complexes and city life in Mexico. Now the company not only focuses on the sought after vacation spots but also their local neighborhood real estate. From Mexico to Florida, or Guatemala to Colorado, Proptomize provides some of the most comprehensive, effective, and innovative property marketing solutions.

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