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Lake Dillon Vacation Rental Home

Posted by proptomize on May 11, 2011  |   No Comments »

If you like to ski/snowboard or just the beauty of the mountains, then this Lake Dillon vacation rental home is the place for you! We shot this beautiful winter rental home just across the street from beautiful Dillon reservoir.


Service Area

Posted by proptomize on April 6, 2011  |   No Comments »

Proptomize’s service area is ever-expanding. As Proptomize caters to the vacation rental properties, areas of high vacation traffic are excellent locations that Proptomize possibly serves. If you have a property that is not in our immediate locations of Colorado, Florida or Mexico, ask us and we might still be able to provide you with our quality product.

Colorado Vacation Options – Top Vacation Spots

Posted by proptomize on September 27, 2010  |   No Comments »

Colorado Vacation RentalsWhen you take time off from work, do you imagine yourself sitting on the front porch of a cabin, admiring the beautiful mountains? Then perhaps Colorado is the best place for your next vacation. There are so many options when it comes to a Colorado vacation. Take a look at these options and choose the best one for you.

The first thing you can choose to do is take a winter vacation. When you visit Colorado in the winter, you can enjoy many activities. Stay in a cabin and warm up with hot chocolate by the fireplace at night and hit the slopes or the snowmobiles at day. This is a great way to truly enjoy winter weather, instead of running from it. There are many rental companies for skiing and snowmobiling, so there isn’t a need to worry about how you can get the equipment needed.

If you choose to visit Colorado in the summer months, there is a list of other activities to participate in. You can go hiking in the beautiful mountain ranges and see the wonderful wildlife that enjoys life there. In addition, you can go fishing or rafting, which are great activities to do with your family or alone.

Start planning your Colorado vacation today. You might even want to plan it one year in the summer and the next in the winter so you can fully experience the state throughout its lovely seasons. Choose a lovely resort or a quaint cabin for your accommodations and above all else, remember to relax!

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