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Can Video Tours Really Increase Your Bookings?

Posted by proptomize on January 20, 2013  |   No Comments »

vaction property video toursWhen you’re the owner of a vacation property rental, you might be wondering why you haven’t had as much business lately. It could have to do with the economy, but it could also have to do with the way you’re presenting the property. Make the decision to opt for a video tour as opposed to simply photographs.

Pictures can be really deceiving, and people know that. With a video tour, you can truly show off how beautiful and spacious the house really is. When individuals see photographs, they often cannot gauge how big the rooms are, but with a video tour, they will be able to see the spaces all at once. As opposed to simply seeing one wall of the living room, they can see all of the couches, chairs and space they will have if they choose to rent the property.

Photographs also fail in showing the layout of the house. For example, parents with small children will want to know how close together the bedrooms are located. By taking a video tour down the hall, you’ll show them that the second and third bedrooms are right next to the master bedroom, and they will easily be able to attend to their children in the night.

Furthermore, videos make people feel as though they are walking through the house. After all, when you purchase a home or visit an apartment to rent out for a considerable amount of time, you actually get to go to that property and walk around in it. When it comes to vacation rentals, individuals do not really have that luxury. However, by having a video tour of your home, you’re making that experience as real as possible from behind a computer screen.

When people are able to truly see and feel all of the excellent features of your property, they will be more likely to book it.

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5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Vacation Rentals Online

Posted by proptomize on May 1, 2012  |   No Comments »

What’s better than having rental properties? Having them rented out!

No brainer—obviously. But, it demonstrates that any method that you can attract renters is a valuable lead generator. That said, increasing your lead generators or channels can mean more renters and less vacancies.

The internet is arguably the best way for potential renters to find and inquire about your rental properties. Potential renters can scan properties across the globe fast and easy. The more your properties stand out from the crowd, the greater chances you’ll reduce your vacancies. As such, we wanted to share with you 5 easy ways that you can promote your vacation rentals online using social media.

To make your property listing stand out from your competitors, we always recommend having a professional video tour of your rental. Photos can capture good shots of your place but they pale in comparison to the perspectives and views that video can provide. Videos can provide real expectations and reduce uncertainties about your rental. We also find people reading less-and-less while watching and listening more-and-more.

Because a video tour is so impactful, the first easy way to promote your property we would like to mention is utilizing Youtube. Youtube, a video streaming platform, is the second most visited site on the web. Videos that are uploaded to Youtube are very search-engine friendly, if optimized properly. And, once your professional video is uploaded to Youtube, you now have something you can share on all subsequent sites.

The adoption rate that Facebook has experienced is staggering. With over 900 million users, Facebook is the most visited site on the web. Now, with the professional video of your property that was uploaded to Youtube, you can now share your video on Facebook for your friends and acquaintances to view. Also, if you create a Facebook Page for your vacation rental business, posting the video with a description will be search-engine friendly.

For those unfamiliar, Twitter is an excellent source for learning what’s happening in real-time. For instance, if you use the search function of Twitter (go to http://search.twitter.com), you can quickly find people who “need” a “vacation” in “Cancun” or any other destination. As you find them, you can send them a message sharing your rental property with your offer. Twitter can be an excellent source for lead generation.

The latest social media site to breakout is Pinterest. Pinterest took a different approach to connecting socially with others. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where it lets you organize and share all the things you find on the web. Now, in the context of a vacation rental properties, you can create your own “pinboards” in which you list your properties, utilizing targeted keywords (e.g. “vacation rental in Miami Beach, FL”, etc). When people do searches within Pinterest for your keywords, they can find your pinboard and check out your listed properties.

Trippy is a new up-and-coming social media site, similar to Pinterest, however solely focused on travel. Users can indicate if they want to go to a location or if they have been there already. For instance, you could create a board of the city where your vacation rentals are, like “Breckenridge Colorado”. As people indicate whether they have been there or would like to go, they can read from your descriptions about your properties at that location for rent.

If you take the time to utilize the social media sites listed above, you expect an increase in visibility and leads generated. It is important that if nothing else, at least become familiar with these 5 sites as they will get used more and more. Remember, increasing your lead generators or channels can mean more renters and less vacancies.

Have you been using any of the above sites already? If so, how has your experience been? Do you have any other recommendations for you fellow vacation rental owners? Leave your thoughts/comments below.

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Oceanfront Property in Cancun Mexico

Posted by proptomize on February 4, 2011  |   No Comments »

Proptomize shot this beautiful 3-story vacation rental in Cancun, Mexico. Check out the color of the ocean!
Property Video Tour Cancun Cancun Mexico Property Marketing

Vacation Rental Complex Playa del Carmen Mexico

Posted by proptomize on October 25, 2010  |   No Comments »

Have a look at  the beautiful beach-front  Xaman Ha vacation rental complex in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Virtual Tour of Property in Cozumel, Mexico

Posted by proptomize on October 23, 2010  |   No Comments »

On the beautiful island of Cozumel, we had the pleasure of shooting video for this stunning property.

Virtual Tour of Property in Cozumel, Mexico Virtual Tour of Rental in Cozumel

Vacation Rental Complex in Cozumel Mexico

Posted by proptomize on October 19, 2010  |   No Comments »

This is a vacation rental property complex on the island of Cozumel, Mexico.

Vacation Rental in Playa Del Carmen

Posted by proptomize on October 15, 2010  |   No Comments »

The following vacation rental is in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Property Video Tour Playa Del Carmen Mexico Virtual Tour Vacation Rental